Relax Your Body And Mind At Spa Makawé In Riviera Nayarit


25 Jul Relax Your Body And Mind At Spa Makawé In Riviera Nayarit


Spa Makawé is the name given to the little oasis of Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills. A unique place to revitalize body and mind during your holiday in Riviera Nayarit. The greatness of this place is due to the unique environment where it is located, which not only has the most beautiful landscapes, but it also nourishes on the ancient wisdom of these lands, making of its wellness treatments an amazing experience. Here are the different options you’ll find at Spa Makawé and that will make you come back home from Riviera Nayarit with all your senses renewed.

Exotic Rituals

Haramara (In Honor Of The Mother Goddess Of The Sea)
This is a comprehensive treatment that starts first with an aromatic bath to awaken the senses. The experience continues with a pearl crush exfoliation and then covered with a mask of white and black pearls. In short, the luxuries of nature at the service of your skin health. Finally, the treatment concludes with a rejuvenating facial mask and an emollient body cream.

Huaxe (Symbol Of Life)
The traditional massage of the Huichol culture is the protagonist of this treatment. It is used to activate the KIPURI (vital energy) and in a first phase it cleanses the aura (Iztac Teteo) to then reach a sacred dimension where the heart (IYARI) is expressed to enhance both the inner and outer beauty.

Chucua (In Honor Of The City Of The Gods)
The experience of being covered in cocoa is the essence of this treatment. You’ll receive a full exfoliation and a body mask. Then it finishes with a revitalizing massage.

Iztli (The Power Of Earth In The Body)
To relax your body, heal it and improve any muscle aches, a various hot stones are placed on key points of your body. This massage is also used to treat different psychological and physical ailments.



Ancestral Ceremonies

Makawé Therapy (Revive)
You will feel a rebirth after this treatment, based on applying pressure in different parts of the body with very precise movements executed by experts in the field.

Facial Mololoa (Beauty Ritual Of A Huichol Princess)
The perfect facial treatment to combat dehydration caused by extreme environmental conditions. The result is a rejuvenated skin.

Mecére (Lunar Bath)
The ultimate relaxation treatment where you’ll be immersed in a milk bath with aromas that will help you fight melancholy. Then you’ll enjoy a gentle massage with moisturizer cream that will revitalise you completely.

Tahanie Therapy (The Beginning Of Everything)
Feel younger with this fantastic therapy. First you’ll receive a warm bath with soothing herbs and then enjoy reflexology in hands and feet. A whole new experience for the senses.



Paths Of Wellness

Rest (Welcome To Teiwari ‘Traveler’)
A bath with scents and essential oils to improve circulation, clear the mind and eliminate toxins. Finally enjoy an invigorating massage with moisturizing cream.

Hikuri (The Embrace Of Mother Earth With Your Essence)
A relaxing therapy that combines Nayar indigenous flowers and ancient techniques where the main ingredient is Hikuri (Huichol certificate of origin) with multiple healing properties.

Facial Teví (Specific For Male Skin)
A special treatment ideal for damaged skin. It will make you feel its soothing and refreshing effect as well as revitalizing and detoxifying your skin.

Hakute Therapy (White Bamboo)
Aromatherapy combined with bamboo mud is applied with warm temperatures as part as a pleasant massage. In addition, the properties of this unique ingredient improves the skin, it combats bone ailments and it also stimulates circulation.

Spa Essentials

To finish rounding off the wide range of Spa Makawé’s treatments, the spa menu is completed with the classic options so that everyone can find what they’re looking for: sport massage, aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage and reflexology massage. As well, all the beauty treatments you may need will also be at your disposal.

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