Where to Snorkel With Sirenis Hotels & Resorts


10 Mar Where to Snorkel With Sirenis Hotels & Resorts

One of the advantages of enjoying your holiday with Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is that the seascape will be at the heart of every memory. The Mediterranean of Ibiza, the Caribbean that bathes the coasts of Riviera Maya and Punta Cana or the waves of the Pacific that break in Riviera Nayarit are unique frameworks of natural beauty, which, in addition to pleasing the eye, also offer all sorts of aquatic activities –  in particular, the four dives we’re featuring in this post. Fancy snorkeling with us?


Immerse Yourself in the Waters of Ibiza

Ibiza is lucky to have incredible waters, perfect for swimming, diving and discovering the great biodiversity of the Mediterranean underworld. Here we find large sea meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, a marine plant that provides optimal conditions for many marine species makes the underwater landscape of the area unique.

Sant Josep, the most extensive municipality on Ibiza, covering its entire southern territory, provides a perfect setting in which to practise snorkelling thanks to its varied coast: sandy beaches, impressive cliffs, hidden coves and fishermen’s nooks. Here you can find solitary groupers, large banks of fish, curious octopuses and even starfish. Platges de Comte and its surroundings are ideal for snorkeling. Enjoy its turquoise waters in front of the Nature Reserve ‘Illots de Ponent’, a unique immersion experience where you will discover the seabed in its most untouched state.



Diving in the Crystal Clear Waters of Punta Cana

Punta Cana is an ideal place to enjoy a tropical vacation but it is also perfect for fans of snorkeling. In this case we will choose Isla Catalina, a Natural Park with all the beauty of the Caribbean. What is impressive about this place are the immense reefs that surround the seabed of the island, making it a unique and exotic place. Fish of all colors, sea sponges, sea turtles and many more marine species are the inhabitants of this island. To discover them, simply dive in “El Muro”, a unique corner where the marine fauna and flora spread along the underwater walls of the island. On the other hand the area of “El Acuario” has several old shipwrecks, now home to Caribbean marine fauna. An awesome snorkeling experience.


The Underwater World of Riviera Maya

In Riviera Maya the main attraction is the white sand beach, but in places like Akumal, one can not be limited to the shore. You simply must jump into the water in search of the unusual underwater scenery. Playa Akumal offers clean waters inhabited by different turtle species living in total freedom in this protected zone. If we go into the water we will discover the “loggerhead” turtle, a unique species you can swim alongside. Their nests are also found along this coast. This species can weigh more than 150 kilos and can reach more than one meter in length. If you want to know more, in the area there is a museum dedicated to this local species.

This is undoubtedly one of the best dives, suitable for all ages, one that allows us to meet the turtles in their natural habitat; although, we also find coral reefs that show us other tropical species native to this seabed.



The submarine secrets of Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit has an extensive coastline that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. And among all the magical corners that we can visit, Punta Mita offers marine floors worthy of an underwater excursion. Cat sharks, turtles, fish shoals of various species and giant manta rays are some of the marine animals that inhabit the waters of Punta Mita. But the star excursion is a visit to the Natural Park of Islas Marietas: Three little islands that emerge at just 15 minutes from Punta Mita and comprise a paradise for every snorkel lover.

What’s most impressive about this excursion is that the main island has a small underwater tunnel that leads to Playa Escondida, the most extraordinary feature of the coast. It is a beach located inside a gaping hole in the center of the island, accessible only by snorkeling. A tour you can’t miss!


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