Top 10 Plans in Ibiza


28 Jul Top 10 Plans in Ibiza

Ibiza has a special life and vibe that no other place in the world has. An island with a thousand faces, to party but also to chill and relax. With centenary traditions and home to the some of most fashionable places in the world. As Ibicencos and lovers of Ibiza we want to share with you some of the reasons of our love for this small island full of magic

That is why we have made a selection of our Top 10 Plans in Ibiza so you can discover Ibiza’s authentic essence making you want to come back every year..


1.Diving on our Coasts and Discovering the Posidonia Sea Meadows.

Maybe you’ve never heard of La Posidonia and it might sound unfamiliar to you… but it is the “cause” (thank you!) of the transparency of our waters. It is a unique underwater Mediterranean plant, and the existing sea meadows on our seabed were declared World Heritage by Unesco in 1999. These sea meadows are located in the Natural Park of Ses Salines and the best way to discover them is by scuba diving. Discovering the Posidonia is absolutely an essential plan.


2. Strolling Around the Streets of Dalt Vila.

Visiting Dalt Vila (the old city of Ibiza) is a must, thanks to its medieval essence, whitewashed walls and cobblestoned streets. A wonderful place where the best way to enjoy it is by leaving behind your map and GPS to give way to the adventure. Getting lost in these narrow streets can lead you to find very special places not mentioned in the guides: charming little shops, gates with an air of ancient grandeur and special little details that simply don’t come in the guides. When reaching its highest point you can enjoy the views of the city and the port of Ibiza which are simply breathtaking.


3. Going Up to the Highest Hill of the Island and be Amazed with the Views: Sa Talaia

Sa Talaia is the highest peak in Ibiza. Its 475 meters of altitude will allow you to enjoy the incredible views of the Sant Josep area and a large part of the island of Ibiza as well as the coast of Formentera. A highly recommended tour on clear days. Here is the route to go up this mountain. Oh, and don’t forget your camera!


4. Eating ‘Bullit de Peix’ by the Seafront

If you love fish, this will probably turn into your new favorite fish dish. It is a two course dish very typical of Ibiza with an incredible sea flavour. There are many places on the island specialized in this dish, such as in the Port de Sant Miquel. A dish full of Ibizan and marine tradition with an unforgettable flavour. Here’s a tip… Leave a gap for the second course! ‘Arroz a banda’, a rice dish prepared with the broth resulting from the cooking of the fish of the first course. Oh! Keep in mind that this hearty dish may make you to not able to get up from the table for a while… Simply scrumptious!


5. Visiting the Markets of the Island

Vintage items, hippy fashion and crafts are some of the surprises that you will find in our island markets. Also in many of them you can enjoy live music, shows and great food stalls to spend a great mornings during your holiday.


6. Spending a Day in Formentera

Although these plans were meant for Ibiza, visiting Formentera is a must. A paradise like this, at just 30 minutes by boat from Ibiza… You simply can’t miss the chance to discover the smaller one of the Pitiusan Islands. Formentera is an island that retains all its natural essence, with crystalline waters and paradisiacal beaches. Check our post “1 Day in Formentera” to make the most of your visit with the tips and recommendations you’ll find in it.


7. Visiting the Cave of Can Marçà.

A splendid excursion is to visit this cave located on the cliffs of Port de Sant Miquel, which are more than 100,000 years old. If you have visited other caves it might not impress you so much, however what will definitely impress you will be the walk to get there along the cliff with its amazing and breathtaking views.


8. Trying the Secret Potion… The ‘Hierbas Ibicencas’ Spirit.

This aniseed spirit is one of the great icons of our island. With herbal aromas coming from the mixture of several plants such as thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, camomile, mint and sage among others. Ideal to celebrate, toast with a shot at the end of a meal or simply to enjoy it in a glass by the incomparable Mediterranean setting. Ibiza tastes like Hierbas Ibicencas.


9. To Let Yourself Be Carried Away by the Drum Party at Benirrás.

In the summer months one of the traditions at sunset is to go north, to the beach of Benirrás and let the hippie atmosphere surround you and transport you back to other times. Some of the hippies still residing on the island are united in peace and harmony to bid farewell to the day to the rhythm of their drums. A magical experience.


10. The Most Impressive Sunset

Under any circumstance or situation one cannot leave Ibiza without seeing Es Vedrá, its silhouette, its magic and its magnetism are immense and sweeping. Es Vedrà is to Ibiza what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Essential. A magnificent moment to enjoy the views of Es Vedrà is at sunset. Go up to the Torre des Savinar tower, commonly known as “La Torre del Pirata” (the Tower of the Pirate). The view to Es Vedrà and its horizon is simply magical and unforgettable.

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