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28 Jul 2017 Top 10 Plans in Ibiza

Ibiza has a special life and vibe that no other place in the world has. An island with a thousand faces, to party but also to chill and relax. With centenary traditions and home to the some of most fashionable places in the world. As...

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17 Feb 2017 Four Iconic Stops on Your Trip to Ibiza

Ibiza belongs to that elite group of world class places – something that comes as no surprise. For an island so small, it contains an endless list of appealing qualities: its rustic countryside, its Mediterranean coastline, its unique blend of tradition and cosmopolitanism – all...

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21 Mar 2016 5 Ideas for Enjoying Ibiza

It may be the first time you visit Ibiza or maybe you’ve been several times before on the island, but either way, it is always good to have some new ideas so that every time you visit the island is a unique and unforgettable experience....

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