Four Iconic Stops on Your Trip to Ibiza


17 Feb Four Iconic Stops on Your Trip to Ibiza

Ibiza belongs to that elite group of world class places – something that comes as no surprise. For an island so small, it contains an endless list of appealing qualities: its rustic countryside, its Mediterranean coastline, its unique blend of tradition and cosmopolitanism – all elements that define the essence of the island. In this post, however, we are going to highlight four places in particular, places that bring this essence to light and make it come alive.


Dalt Vila: the Old Town

Dalt Vila is the name given to the walled city that comprises the ancient quarter of Ibiza’s capital. This fascinating ensemble of buildings, streets and plazas stands as a monument to the island’s long history. Its architecture reflects the different civilizations that have passed through it, from the Phoenicians and Romans to the Moors. Dalt Vila’s cultural value was officially recognized in 1999 when it was designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Walking through its winding cobblestone streets is like journeying into the past, with whitewashed houses lining the way and the cathedral crowning the summit. From this elevated vantage, visitors can contemplate panoramic views of the city, sea and harbor below. Naturally, Dalt Vila is also an ideal place to have dinner – just choose one of the charming restaurants tucked into its labyrinthine interior –, or perhaps visit the Museum of Contemporary Art to take in an exhibition.



Markets of Ibiza: A Throwback to the Hippie Era

One of the formative aspects of Ibiza’s personality was the hippie movement that flourished here in the 60s and is still very much alive in many areas. Local craft markets are a case in point, with Las Dalias and Es Canar standing out as the original trailblazers in this regard. The former takes place on Saturdays in the charming village of Sant Carles, while the latter – the biggest on the island – is held every Wednesday at Punta Arabí.

Las Dalias, in particular, is probably the market that most faithfully maintains the spirit of its founders. Today, just as they did forty years ago, the island’s foremost artists and artisans gather here to offer up their best creations: ecological products, clothing, colorful accessories and many styles of art. At both markets there are bars and kiosks selling food and drink, while live musicians enliven the whole atmosphere.



Sunsets over Sant Antoni Bay

Sant Antoni is one of the most favorably positioned towns on the island when it comes to seeing the sunset. Located on the western coast, it has become a mecca where people gather to watch the best sky show in the Mediterranean. Every evening, as visitors flock to behold the spectacle, the sun sinks majestically behind off-shore islets into a crimson sea – an unforgettable snapshot of Ibiza.

Along the length of the waterfront, boats stand silhouetted against the horizon as the sky turns from pink to red to purple and finally fades into night. If you venture north along the waterfront, past the breakwater, you will find the area’s trendiest bars, among them the mythic Café del Mar, where top dj’s enhance the mood with mellow sounds. A real must!



A Swim in the Waters of Cala Bassa Beach

Without a doubt, the main attraction of the island are its beaches, many of which are no less than stunning. Such is the case with Cala Bassa, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island’s west coast, with a northern exposure. Its waters are clear and calm, protected as they are by a pine-covered bluff, a feature that makes this enclave even more impressive.

Cala Bassa’s sands spread out in a wide arc delimited by a lovely wood that provides dappled shade for beach bars and services. It is the height of pleasure to spend the day on this patch of paradise, alternately lounging on a sun bed and bathing in crystalline waters. Cala Bassa has distinguished itself as one of the island’s most cosmopolitan beaches, striking the perfect balance between the realm of nature and the comforts of civilization. Fine dining, light snacks or, maybe, just a cocktail are all at your disposal here. Just follow your fancy!


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