Everything you need to know to enjoy your holiday in Punta Cana


18 Oct Everything you need to know to enjoy your holiday in Punta Cana

There you are with your suitcase half packed. After months of waiting for your well deserved vacation in Punta Cana, it’s finally here! You’ve got a million questions you’d like to ask. Don’t worry! Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is going to put you in the know so that your holiday unfolds perfectly. By the time your plane lands and you find yourself on the Coconut Coast, you’ll already feel like a fish in water.

What should you pack?

Keeping in mind that the Dominican Republic has a tropical climate whose temperature oscillates between 25º and 30º, and that you’ll be very near some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, the first thing you should pack is a bathing suit. In addition to that obligatory item, and along with summer clothes, don’t forget your sun block to avoid sunburn. At certain times of day, the temperatures can go above 35º. But, a bit of advice: bring a light jacket or sleeve for the evenings, as it gets cools when the sun goes down.

Don’t forget to pack something stylish for dinnertime. In our themed restaurants, the dress code is casual-smart, with long trousers a must for men.


You’ve just arrived on the island

You land at the airport and the first adventure begins: how to get to Hotel Sirenis Punta Cana Resort? Very easy, we’ll come and get you. All you have to do is book it online. Oh, by the way, however you decide to travel from the airport to the hotel, keep in mind that the island’s official language is Spanish. In case this is not your native tongue, you can also communicate in English as it is spoken in most places. Conversing with locals is a delightful way to discover firsthand how kind and hospitable the islanders are.


If you should want to buy a few things, have a drink or pay for a bus/taxi to the hotel, remember that the official currency in the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso. In touristic areas, the US dollar and the euro are frequently accepted due to the steady stream of American and European tourists who visit the island. In any case, the hotel provides a money changing service as well as an ATM machine so that you can acquire the local currency and be prepared for any eventuality..


I’m a vegetarian. Will I be able to eat in Sirenis Punta Cana Resort?

Yes, our buffet always provides a wide range of vegetarian products. Likewise, if you are diabetic or allergic to certain foods, we can prepare special dishes for you. If you have any other dietary condition, please tell us upon arrival. We also have a special section for babies, with purées and soups made especially for them.

Just remember that, in order to dine in our themed restaurants, reservations are required.



I’m traveling with my children. Will they have fun at the resort?

Fun is an understatement. They’ll have the time of their lives! Our facilities include two separate swimming pools, a mini-club with games, a playground with all sorts of installations, a wide range of entertainments (shows, min-disco, special snacks, etc..), and the big attraction, our water park SIRENIS AQUAGAMES.

And parents, relax. We offer a babysitting service so that you can enjoy a Caribbean night out with no worries. Our staff is highly qualified and available both day and night to look after your little ones



Where can I go shopping in Punta Cana?

Before enumerating all the places you can go shopping, we just want you to know that our resort has several shops where you can get souvenirs, cigarettes and other items you might need during your stay. But, very near the resort, you’ll find large stores where you can get all kinds of presents for friends and family back home as well as some small indulgence for yourself. Dominican rum, cigars and crafts in general are among the country’s most popular products.

Bávaro, where Punta Cana’s largest shopping centre is located, also offers us restaurants, typical food stands, shops selling local craftwork and even a museum or two. Other recommended places are El Cortecito and Los Corales, where you can acquire crafts of all kinds, ideal as souvenirs. Another hot spot is Punta Cana, the capital, whose avenues are lined with little shops, restaurants and countless diversions.

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