Enjoy The Best Sunsets With Sirenis Hotels & Resorts


18 Apr Enjoy The Best Sunsets With Sirenis Hotels & Resorts

Sunsets are some of the most memorable moments of any holiday, perhaps because it is when nature shows its beauty at its best and we can see the warm colours of the sunset caressing every inch of the splendid land and seascape that we have enjoyed during the day. It is the moment of the day where we end the daytime activities, but also announces the arrival of memorable nights, that is why at Sirenis Hotel & Resorts we want you to join us to enjoy three magical moments in three very special destinations. Do you want to discover three sunsets you will never forget?


Farewelling The Sun In Ibiza

Without a doubt, Ibiza is the perfect Mediterranean setting to enjoy a dream sunset. Calm waters perfect for a pleasant swim, hidden coves and unique seascapes full of islets on the horizon ideal to watch the spectacular sunset. As Ibiza is a small island, it is easy to get to any point on the west coast for enjoying the perfect sunset. Plus there are very special places, such as Cala Conta, where the experience will surely be mesmerizing. Cala Conta is located in a privileged position on the west coast and facing a set of islets on the horizon, among which are Illa des Bosc and La Conejera islets which make the view and the experience simply amazing. Without a doubt, going for a swim in its waters and ending the day with a delicious cocktail while enjoying the famous sunset of this beach is the best plan for any summer day.



The Warm Colours of the Sunset in Riviera Maya

If Riviera Maya is known for something, it is for being the perfect setting for enjoying a unique holiday in the Caribbean. Crystal clear waters, miles of white sand beaches and, of course, a warm temperature all year round to live the eternal summer. With such a setting, enjoying a sunset will be an amazing experience for your eyes. From any of the beaches of Riviera Maya you can enjoy the warmth of the sunset that lies behind the jungle, but if you want to contemplate the farewell of the sun from a different angle, nothing better than going to one of the corners of Playa Norte, the most famous beach of Isla Mujeres, a place that you can reach by ferry from Cancun in just twenty minutes. The whole island is worth exploring, but if you’re looking for the perfect sunset, your ideal corner is Playa Norte, located in the northern part of the island, hence the name. Here, its shallow waters will dazzle you and make you never want to leave. And while enjoying its waters you’ll also feel the warmth of the colours of the beautiful sunset that you can contemplate from here.



A Mesmerizing Sunset in Riviera Nayarit

The western coast of Mexico has the privilege of contemplating every day the sun set in the Pacific Ocean, one of the best pictures one can contemplate in this country. And it is in Riviera Nayarit where we find the most valued location, with miles of coastline full of charming spots where you can enjoy an incredible sunset. To find the best sunset we’ll head to Sayulitas, the legendary surfers beach and a must-visit place for lovers of this sport. Nothing better than spending the day surfing the waves and then relaxing in any of the colourful establishments located on the shores of this beach. The end of the day will be crowned with a wonderful cocktail of tropical fruits and an amazing sunset that will turn the whole area into beautiful red tones. simply spectacular!

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