A walk in the biodiversity of Riviera Maya – Yucatan


11 Apr A walk in the biodiversity of Riviera Maya – Yucatan

Staying at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Hotel & Spa gives you a great opportunity to enjoy a unique natural environment very clove to the resort. That’s why we want to show you four magnificent walking routes and paths ideal to discover this great biodiversity typical of the Riviera Maya. Fancy a walk?


Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve

A little over one hour south of the hotel you’ll find the largest natural area of Quintana Roo with over 500,000 protected hectares of pure nature. The area combines jungle, cenotes (natural sinkholes), beaches, dunes and mangroves and consequently a variety of plants and animals that have made this varied ecosystem their home. Birds have a special role with over 300 autochthonous species, and on the coast, sea turtles find the ideal place for nesting.

Its large extension allows multiple ways of enjoying it. A very interesting option for a walk is to visit the Mayan ruins of Muyil, in the heart of the reserve, from where an interpretive path starts that leads to the huge lagoon Chunyaxché. Another great option is to make a boat excursion and tour the wetlands and learn more about its attractive mangroves formed here. Also, it is well worth visiting the beach where you can enjoy snacks and drinks by the sea.


Yum Balam

At the other end of the Yucatan peninsula, on the north coast, near Cancun, we also find one of the most important reserves of the biosphere in the area. It has over 154,000 hectares of jungle, wetlands and coastline where you can observe hundreds of animals and plant species in their natural habitat.


The main attraction of Yum Balam is probably its huge variety of feline species, most of them endangered, who find here a protected place to live. If you are lucky you might see a jaguar, an ocelot or maybe a puma. The wetlands also attract many birds that fly over the area during their migration, species such as flamingos and peregrine falcons. The coast is also one of the must-visit places, where you can greet the friendly manatees frolicking on the shore and go for a dip in the waters of the island of Holbox with the whale sharks. Yum Balam is definitely a perfect place for nature walks enthusiasts.


Akumal Beach

Just ten minutes south of the resort you’ll find the seaside village of Akumal, known for being right next to one of the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya. This wonderful five-kilometer coastline is perfect for enjoying long walks by the sea with its fine white sand and palm trees. One of the most attractive things is that it is home to a large population of loggerheads sea turtles with which you can even swim with. Be careful because on the shore there will be more than one of these turtles’ nest which the recovery centre of the area seeks to protect with signs warning their presence.

Once here, you can take an interesting path from the main beach in direction north which leads to the impressive cenote of Yal-Ku which is connected to the sea. You’ll quickly find this wonderful place by following a path of just 3 kilometers long that leads into the jungle where you’ll discover the wonderful crystal clear waters of Yal-Ku to which you won’t be able to resist going in.


Garden Centre of Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

If during your stay one day you don’t feel like leaving the resort, don’t worry, because on the premises you can also enjoy the Caribbean’s natural richness. Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya has a spectacular garden centre and plant nursery preserving native species of the area which in many cases are endangered.

The nursery is divided into four areas: dune and beach, coastal and scrub, wetland, jungle and ornamental (plants that are not autochthonous but are grown for their beauty). In many cases the growing of these plants are used to repopulate other parts where vegetation is in danger of disappearing. So, as you can see, very close to the hotel you have many options for finding your ideal path and discover the most natural side of Caribbean Mexico.

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