A Day in Formentera


13 Jun A Day in Formentera

Ibiza has endless secrets that it reveals to us when we are least expecting it, always in its own special way. One of the most beautiful of these (which is becoming less and less secret so go while the going’s good) is Formentera. Barely 30 minutes from Ibiza, this paradise is even more unspoilt and laidback than Ibiza itself. Here, the passage of time does not seem to have made an impact on traditional island ways and a certain air of yesteryear.


A Holiday within a Holiday

In the course of your well deserved holiday, a trip to Formentera could be a good way to spend one of your days and also get to know the baby Pitiusa. If you are staying at one of our hotels in Platja den Bossa – Sirenis Hotel Goleta & Spa or Sirenis Tres Carabelas & Spa – you’re in luck because the landing stage for the Formentera boat is right in front of your hotel. Moreover, the boat ride itself is a marvelous experience during which you can enjoy the sun and feel the breeze on your face as you ply the crystalline waters..


How to Get Around?

Once you get to Formentera, our recommendation would be to rent a car from one of the agents in town. Alternately, you could opt for the more carefree experience of a scooter or moped. But, if you really want to live the “Formentera Experience” at its most characteristic, you will be delighted to know you can hire a Mehari, the mythic convertible that was once the island’s flagship vehicle and has risen again like a phoenix. You can choose either the classic version, based on the 70s model, or an updated electric model. Either option is a great way to really feel the freedom of Formentera.


The Star of Formentera: Its Beaches

Now that you have wheels, the adventure begins. The first order of the day is a tour of the island’s crown jewels – none other than its incredible crystalline beaches. The first stop should be Ses Illetes, which, although you’ll have to pay 2€ to 5€ for parking, is well worth the cost. It constitutes a Natural Area of Special Interest thanks to the vast underwater meadows of Posidonia sea grass that grow on its seabed. This marine plant is found only in the Mediterranean, and its Pitiusan meadows in particular have been designated as a World Heritage site. Illetes beach spreads out for several kilometers, for which reason we suggest walking to the end, where it is usually less crowded. After a few dips in the sea and a few underwater photos (totally recommended as the water is so clear the photos come out amazing), it’s time to change beaches. The following is a list of our favorites. Take your pick.

  • Cala Saona
  • Ses Platgetes
  • Es Caló


  • Cala en Baster
  • S’Estany d’es Peix
  • Platja de Migjorn
  • Sa Roqueta
  • Sa Torreta


The Famous Lighthouses

After having spent the day beach hopping, and, of course, enjoying a good paella (at Es Caló beach you’ll find a restaurant with a wicked good paella and magnificent views), the sunset draws near. Now it’s time to visit the island’s famous lighthouses. First we’ll go to the one at La Mola, well-known for having featured in Julio Médem’s film Lucía y el Sexo. On the way, we’ll make a stop at the Mirador de Formentera to drink in the spectacular vistas and seascapes. From this privileged vantage point, with the island’s contours laid out below, we can appreciate just how small Formentera really is (ergo its charm). As you approach the lighthouse, don’t forget to take a few photos, then just enjoy the fabulous view.


Now we head to the lighthouse at Cap de Brabària where, perched on its cliffs, we’ll bid farewell to the wonderful day Formentera has given us with a truly majestic sunset.

Back to Ibiza…We Missed You

As night falls, we’ll make our way back to La Savina Port to catch the ferry back to Ibiza…and can carry on with our unforgettable holiday at Sirenis Hotels & Resorts.

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