8 Tips for Enjoying the North of Ibiza


11 Sep 8 Tips for Enjoying the North of Ibiza

The north of the island is one of Ibiza’s most charming natural spots. It is an ideal place to visit to get away from the city and enjoy a slower pace of life, or just for a change of scene from the beaches in the south. To help you explore this area and find its hidden treasures, we’d like to share 8 tips to get you on your way


  1. Relive the hippie era in San Carlos

One of the island’s most authentic strongholds is San Carlos, where hippies used to converge during the 70s. Today we can still enjoy their craft markets, replete with creativity and one-of-a-kind finds.


  1. Ibiza’s most virgin beaches are in the north

Up here you’ll find some of the island’s most beautiful and relaxing beaches. One of these, Cala d’en Serra, is located in Sant Joan de Labritja. This picturesque inlet has rustic fishermen’s huts and an air of wilderness. Only five km from the village of Sant Joan we also find Cala Xarraca, a beach of stunning natural beauty whose inviting crystalline waters and rugged landscape envelope us in serenity.


  1. Get to know the coast by sinking in your oars

Paddle surfing or kayaking is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors as you discover the breathtaking coves, caves and inlets that dot the coastline. Exploring the island from the sea – outside in, as it were – gives you a different perspective and is sure to bring unforgettable memories.


  1. Visit Puig d’en Misa in Santa Eulàlia

In Sant Eulàlia we find Puig de Missa, a massive hill graced by a spectacular fortified church, one of the prettiest on the island. Strolling through this whitewashed quarter rewards the effort with wonderful views and unique architecture.


  1. Dine on the fruits of local waters

The north of Ibiza abounds in traditional island cuisine, in which fresh fish of the day features prominently. At Cala de San Vicente you can try the deliciously famous John Dory, caught daily off the Ibicenco coast – an extraordinary dish. Also try the equally delicious and traditional Bullit de Peix at Port de Sant Miquel.


  1. For a bit of history, explore the defense towers

All along the Pitiusan coastline, we find a string of defense towers that served to guard against the pirates that regularly raided the islands’ coastal villages. In the north there are 3 defense towers: the Tower of Portinatx, Torre des Molar and Torre d’en Valls. Visiting them is a great opportunity to hike through some lovely tracts of nature and catch extraordinary views from the cliff tops they stand on.


  1. Watch the sun go down in the north of Ibiza

Ibiza still has some hidden spots where you can view spectacular sunsets from impressive cliff tops. Check out the panoramas from the area of S’Illot des Renclí. This beautiful northern setting features an enormous window onto the sea with dizzying heights that will amaze and delight you.


  1. Stroll through Santa Gertrudis and enjoy the good vibes

The village of Santa Gertrudis comes to life on summer evenings. Tourists and locals alike seek out the warm atmosphere of this charming little hub. With its varied selection of restaurants, bistros and cafes, it is the perfect place to get a bite to eat – no matter what you’re hungry for!


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