5 Great Reasons to Visit Riviera Maya


09 Mar 5 Great Reasons to Visit Riviera Maya

Do you actually need reasons to visit paradise? We give you 5 great reasons for falling at the feet of the charms of Riviera Maya, an unique place in the world where an unforgettable holiday experience awaits you with its breathtaking land and seascapes and the multitude of interesting things to discover. So don’t even think about it. Come and enjoy this fantastic destination!


Fine Sand and Crystalline Waters

It might sound like a cliché to invoke the beauty of the beaches of Riviera Maya, but once you see it with your own eyes, you’ll know that it’s impossible to describe it only with words. Beaches such as Tulum, besides being ideal for going for a dip and swimming, also have Mayan archaeological remains that make it even more impressive. Isla Mujeres is also an ideal place to see the beauty of this coast and enjoy its warm temperatures. Without doubt, the beaches of Riviera Maya are one of its main attractions.




One of the most interesting things about this charming area is its Mayan culture past, still very present today. The Riviera Maya has many archaeological sites which shed light on the mysteries of this ancient civilization as well as making the landscape much more unique. It is unforgivable not to visit iconic sites such as Chichen Itzá, very close to the Riviera Maya, where you’ll be amazed by stunning ruins such as the stepped pyramid and the Temple of a Thousand Columns. Uxmal is also a very interesting archaeological site in the Puuc (‘de las colinas’) route and whose enormous pyramid and its views will leave you speechless. These are just some of the thousands of places that exist to learn more about this culture.



A Unique Flavour in Every Dish

The Riviera Maya is also a great place to enjoy exotic flavours as you will find that there is a much wider variety than what we’re usually familiar with outside the country. Here you can taste the most classic dishes, but fish and seafood freshly caught in the Caribbean, are the basis of many traditional dishes which have existed since pre Hispanic times. And of course, the spicy flavor of chilli is also part of the flavoring. Grouper, octopus and Tikin Xic fish ceviches typical of Isla Mujeres are some of the specialties of the area. Simply scrumptious!

Riviera Maya, an unique place in the world where an unforgettable holiday experience awaits you with its breathtaking land and seascapes


Activities for Everyone

This unique natural environment is just perfect for practicing sports and activities which allows you to fully discover all the beauty of the Riviera Maya. Snorkeling is one of the most recommended activities, as it’s suitable for everyone, and the waters of this area are rich in colourful sea life and great reefs you can explore. The cenotes (natural wells), which make this region so unique, are also one of the most exciting things to visit. Anyhow, here you will find plenty of activities and watersports to practice, such as sailing along the coast, among others. The best way to make the most of this place.



A Special Moment

If you want to discover every corner of the Riviera Maya, it’s normal that you won’t want to stop for even a second, but sometimes the body also calls for a break. For this, there’s nothing like strolling around Playa del Carmen and getting a souvenir or a gift for someone special. Or just end the day with a delicious margarita or mezcal while relaxing by the seaside of the Caribbean. Just enjoy the moment.


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